Secretary's Message

Message from Secretary, Forest & Wildlife Department, Government of Sindh


I warmly welcome all the visitors to the newly upgraded website of Sindh Forest Department. This website was first developed in 2006 which served as an electronic medium to disseminate information regarding forestry related activities of the department. This site has been continuously improved since its introduction and has now been upgraded keeping in view the latest developments in information technology. The online database component of the website is an outstanding development towards e-governance, safe and speedy intradepartmental transfer of information, smooth working and prompt decision making at top level. My heartiest congratulations and warmest gratitude to Mr. Aijaz Nizamani, Chief Conservator of Forests, Sindh under whose visionary leadership and guidance, Mr. Muhammad Arif Domki, Conservator of Forests along with his team who relentlessly put lot of efforts to launch and make this website a success. I also congratulate all those who contributed significantly, either directly or indirectly to this important milestone.


The Sindh Forest Department has almost completed half a century of her existence after abolition of One Unit in the country in 1967 and it still strives to undertake important ambition of managing, developing and administering the province’s forestry resources on sustainable basis. The organization has been fully supported by groups of dedicated and committed workforce in ensuring that SFD will continue to play an active role in achieving the objectives set out in the Millennium Development Goals 2015.


In this endeavor, SFD will continue to strengthen its part towards realizing its vision “sustainable management of forestry resources of the province to meet the social, ecological, and economic rights and needs of the present generation without compromising those of future generations” as well as ensuring its significant role and contributions to remain relevant for socioeconomic development of the country in general and the province in particular. All forestry personnel of SFD at all levels, ranging from field personnel to top management, have important and crucial role to play in realizing the above intended goals. In this regards, may I call upon all forestry personnel to engage and commit in “excellent working culture” by eliminating negative attitudes, implement positive attitudes and continue to deliver the best services consistently.


Thank you very much.


Manzoor Ali Shaikh
Secretary to Government of Sindh
Forest & Wildlife Department